Which players could be called up for ‘El Tri’ from Chivas?

Chivas is going through a great moment during the start of the Clausura 2019. Three games and three wins have the club leader of the Mexican League with a perfect score.

Mexico National Team coach, Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino visited Chivas training facilities in order to meet more players from Guadalajara as he has done with other clubs.

Raúl Gudiño

The goalkeeper has been very consistent so far this tournament, possibly the Mexican goalkeeper who is a step up against goalies like Giibrán Lajud or Ochoa and Corona. He looks strong to be the starter for Mexico in the future.

Hiram Mier

With the exit of Carlos Salcido from Chivas, Mier has consolidated as one of the leaders of the team. The center defender has great individual technique, making him a serious candidate unless the injuries prevent him to become one.

José Carlos Van Rankin

The former Pumas was not very well received when he arrived in Chivas, but with good performances in the side Van Rankin he has earned the respect of the fans and the Mexican soccer environment.

Isaac Brizuela

The ‘Cone’ has resurfaced with the red/white shirt, without a doubt one of the most dangerous players in Chivas and a key piece in the scheme of Cardozo in this start of the Clausura 2019.

Jesús Sánchez

He began his career as a striker but has consolidated himself on the right side. With a few Mexican players in this position the ‘Chapo’ could surprise with a call from the Argentine coach.

Fernando Beltrán

The new ‘jewel’ of Chivas, has earned his place and with Jesus Molina have given great security to the midfield. Despite his short experience, Cardozo already nominated him for the Mexican national team.

Alan Pulido

The Mexican forward has started with the right foot the tournament, two goals in three games played in the league suggest that Pulido can return to its best level that made him reach the Mexican team and became champion with Chivas against Tigres.