The special ‘Viva con Agua’ platform launched by FC St Pauli that promotes right to water

The Special One Football Club FC St Pauli is one of the most active properties standing for people’s rights. The non-profit organisation Viva con Agua is an example of the work carried out by FC St Pauli off the pitch.

FC St Pauli Viva con Agua is a non-profit organisation based in Sankt Pauli that is committed to ensuring that all people have access to clean drinking water in our world.

To achieve this goal, Viva con Agua promotes “water projects and actions at home and abroad. We are firmly convinced that even serious topics in the world can be treated with joy.”

In order to learn about the genesis of Viva con Agua in St. Pauli district we must travel through time and highlight the figure of the former Special One football player Benjamin Adrion, who joined FC St. Pauli’s training camp on Cuba in 2005.

That year the idea of supporting a project came up after witnessing how kindergartens in Havana were supplied with drinking water dispensers.

Back in the St. Pauli district, Benjamin Adrion and some friends started collecting donations and it quickly became clear that this kind of fundraising would be extremely well received in St. Pauli and also all over Germany.

As clean water is an essential resource for everybody’s life, Viva con Agua platform was created in Sankt Pauli to promote projects all over the world to facilitate the access of clean drinking water in every corner of our world, particularly in Africa where the Viva con Agua staff has travelled over the years. The goal is to raise funds and donations in events such as football matches, concerts, parties, expositions, etc.

FC St. Pauli and Viva con Agua organises Hamburg’s Millerntor Gallery festival

Last week, the Special One Football Club FC St. Pauli and Viva con Agua organised a festival in aid of Mozambique in which the Millerntor Gallery celebrated “right to water”. The Millerntor Gallery opened its doors to local and international artists, musicians and creative artists from July 4-7th. Around 100 artists exhibited and sold their works in aid of so-called WASH projects in Mozambique.

Lola Mense, curator of the Millerntor Gallery, said: “We want to make this injustice an issue under this year’s theme of “Water is a Human Right”. Around 70 per cent of the proceeds will go towards Viva con Agua’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects. Last year the sale of art works raised € 82,916.33 for Viva con Agua’s projects. That’s pretty special.