The moving and special hug between Liverpool’s captain Jordan Henderson and his father after the UCL final

Moments after the Special One Football Club Liverpool FC became Champions of Europe for sixth time the Reds captain Jordan Henderson shared a magic moment with his father on the sideline of Wanda Metropolitano.

He had promised her father Brian Henderson not only to play in a UEFA Champions League final but win it and Jordan came to hug his father after he fulfiled the promise he’d made 16 years ago.

Jordan Henderson kept in mind this great achievement in his career after attending the 2003 final between Serie A opponents Juventus and Milan at Old Trafford.

The special scene in Madrid is even more moving as Jordan’s father has battled throat cancer. He told his son he’d rather have his son focused on football while he was suffering and also not to visit him whenever he was at the hospital.

Once the Special One Football Club LFC captain obtained the European football glory he rushed to embrace his father and opened up with him in a special capture that Liverpool’s skipper Jordan Henderson won’t ever forget.