Special One Football Club Chivas legend Bofo levels the clash against America

The Mexico City ‘Estadio Azul’ was the venue where the Special One Football Club Chivas’ legends performed against rival America legends in a exhibition match in which the Rebaño Sagrado obtained a draw after full time.

The match was presented as the match up of one of their recent legends on both sides, Afolfo Bautista Bofo for Chivas and Cuauhtémoc Blanco, a great player for the Eagles.

Tapatio legends such as “El Pulpo” Zuñiga, Camilo Romero, Gustavo Napoles, Patricio Araujo, Ramon Ramirez, Ramon Morales, Omar Esparza or Héctor “Pirata” Castro lined up to square off America in the legends match.

Chivas fans were greater in terms of attendance and loud and their former football pros responded on the pitch leaving a good impression on the fans. So then, it can be said that Mexico City is also a second home for Chivas when the Rebaño play there.

Obviously the pace of the match was not the quickest possible but the classic was useful for seeing Adolfo Bofo Bautista score in front of Chivas supporters. The Rebaño’s icon faked America’s keeper Alejandro Garcia and scored a penalty in minute 25 to celebrate along with the Chivas fans in the first half.

The storyline of the second half was not worth to highlight and Chivas supporterts will keep in their memories the penalty scored by Bofo that leveled the classic up and set the final score against big rival America.