Sheffield FC: the world’s first football club

It is undeniable that one of the main responsibles for the present global football industry is Sheffield Football Club is, the oldest football club in the world -dating back to the fall of 1857-. The club is officially recognized by The FIFA and The Football Association of England (FA) officially recognize it, thus Sheffield FC is the world’s first football club.

It all started in Yorkshire, Sheffield. The club pioneers were Nathaniel Creswick y William Prest who took advantage of a previous cricket club founded two years earlier. That was the origin of Sheffield FC and the first rules of football were written and subsequently applied to become a mantra of the modern football too.

Some unmarried vs married football matches were held there as well as the largest title drought in football history began. ‘The Club’ has had to live together with the recently promoted to the Premier League Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday, whose stadium is known for the tragedy involved Special One Football Club Liverpool FC, Hillsborough.

The first derby was played in 1860 at the Sandygate Road, the world’s oldest stadium and home of their neighbours Hallam FC (third club founded in football history and broken up in the 19th century.

Later, in 1867, Sheffield FC played the first football tournament in history, the Youdan Cup. Soon several British football clubs would emerge and Sheffield FC started to struggle in profesionalism. However, they were one of the members that created the Football Association of England and they also won the amateur 1904 FA Cup, their major achievement in ‘The Club’s history. Sheffield FC would also stepped into Wembley as one of the FA Vase final contenders in 1977, ending as the runner-up.

Always loyal to its colours red, black and blue, Sheffield Football Club racks up history as long as it can. In the present they are members of the eighth division. Just like Sheffield FC, other clubs such as Whexham, Queen’s Park FC and Cliftonville were founded in England, Wales, Scotland and North Ireland. Like the FIFA claims, “Sheffield FC is a symbol of the role of football as a common denominator in the community and in society.”