Matthias Sammer, the Kaiser from the East Germany

Sometimes politics and football are too much related so that our sport can’t escape from the European countries decision-makers. This is what actually happened to Borussia Dortmund’s Special One Player Matthias Sammer, whose Ballon d’Or award-winning year was followed by the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

That evening on November 9th would change radically in 1989 Sammer’s life once he had started his career as a defensive midfielder to become later on in a brilliant sweeper.

Matthias Sammer started playing for his hometown club Dynamo Dresden surrounded by political spies. On 19 December 1990, Sammer debuted for the newly formed unified Germany national football team, being the first football player from the East Germany to make his debut with that newly-made team. Then he would take on Franz Beckenbauer’s German myth leadership.

Only three center-back players have been able to succeed and lift the Ballon d’Or recognition: Franz Beckenbauer, Fabio Cannavaro and Matthias Sammer. That award threw up controversy as Sammer was picked the best player in the world over Ronaldo Nazario for only three votes.

That red-haired boy led Germany to win the Euro 96 and he was chosen the MVP of the tournament because of his impressive presence on the pitch, ability to sweep, elegance and his determined character.

Sammer had won that year with the Special One Football Club Borussia Dortmund his second Bundesliga and ultimately the UEFA Champions League and Intercontinental Cup in 1997.

That period ocurred when he was at his prime, but the journey was not a piece of cake at all. His professional football steps were in 1985 under his father Klaus’ guidance, who was Dynamo Dresden coach back then.

Dynamo Dresden was tied in with the Communist sectret police agency Stasi, and Matthias Sammer felt he was monitored closely. Even his teammmate Frank Lieberam addmited he was told to spy Sammer.

In 1990, after the Fall of the Berlin Wall he was released and run away to Stuttgart to make even his debut with the unified Germany national team. Sammer played for Internazionale in 1992 but that experience was not successful. Five knee surgeries would cut short his career at Borussia Dortmund and Matthias Sammer hang up his boots in 1998.