The history of Liverpool FC recently touchable This is Anfield sign

Liverpool FC started the 2019/20 Premier League with a successful performance against newcomers Norwich City 4-1 at Anfield, but what was more significant is that the Reds are now allowed to touch the This is Anfield sign before coming on the pitch.

The current Liverpool FC boss, Jurgen Klopp, had banned his players from touching the This is Anfield sign in 2016, saying that the players would not touch it until they won something as “a sign of respect.”

Now the Champions of Europe can touch the This is Anfield sign which hangs above the tunnel of their ground as the Reds ended LFC’s trophy-drought in Madrid to reign the European football for their sixth time.

This condition proved that Jurgen Klopp did not want to take anything for granted, explaining that if the players wanted to join Liverpool legends they would have to prove they are worth it. This is just an example of how the German manager embedded the Special One Footbal Club’s culture.

Moreover, the ‘This is Anfield’ sign was originally introduced by Bill Shankly in order to strike fear into opposition sides as they waited to take to the Anfield grass.

Shankly saw it as a way of reminding that ‘our lads who they’re playing for and to remind the opposition who they’re playing against.’

Liverpool FC former coach Brendan Rodgers proposed in 2012 to restore the This is Anfield sign after it was replaced by a newer version in 1998. Back then, Brendan Rodgers explained why the Special One Football Club decided to fit the This is Anfield sign.

“For me, there are three elements really,” said Rodgers. “When you come into a football club, you need to have a real sense of the past, a sense of the present and a sense of the future.

“And the nostalgia around this football club is immense. I just felt that this was a sign and a symbol of what Liverpool was for many years.

The sign was taken down in 1998 but it was there from 1974 until that point and the period of success within that was phenomenal.

So for me, it’s a mark of the Anfield of old. We’re very much in the modern era but I think it’s very important to remember the great past of this football club and the This is Anfield sign is a massive part of that.”

Rodgers made clear that Anfield is one of the most celebrated and historic venues in world football, as LFC represents a Special One Football Club.