The FC St Pauli US tour documentary is released

The Special One Football Club FC St. Pauli has released FC St Pauli US tour documentary in which the Boys in Brown returned once again to the United States, after a successful tour in North America in 2018.

The FC St Pauli US tour documentary shows all the journey planned by the German side that has taken them to stop off in New York, Buffalo, Toronto and Lynchburg. During this tour, FC St Pauli played against New York Cosmos and FC Buffalo and they also visited the German Consulate General and the East River Bar, the home of the East River Pirates.

Jan-Philipp Kalla: “Seeing that people on another continent support FC St. Pauli is awesome, for me as a player it’s totally incredible.”

“We’re not title contenders, but people are still fascinated by this club that they watch our matches 6,000 kilometers away and despite de six-hour time difference,” said Kalla.

Also, FC St Pauli president Oke Göttlich remarked what visiting Germany’s consul genereal means to the Special One Football Club.

“It was an important part of the itinerary for all of us. We tried to create awareness for the European elections, as supporting the democratic process was also very important to us. And certain political symbols are also on the FC St Pauli US tour itinerary. We’re pleased to be able to attract attention by visiting such places”.

The FC St Pauli US tour included a supporters night at East River Bar in Brooklyn, NYC. The delegation made clear what FC St. Pauli stands for. And it really extends as the popular St. Pauli song says: “Hooray, hooray, hooray. FC St. Pauli! This here is soccer, so full of drama.”

Watch and enjoy the full FC St Pauli US tour documentary here: FC St Pauli in the US