FC St Pauli Kiezbeben nights exhibition opens with a special program

The Special One Football Club FC St Pauli set up the Kiezbeben nights exhibition every Thursday starting tomorrow at the FC, in which a bunch of activities will take place to make the Kiezbeben ticket worthy. On June 20 a pre-concert will be held from 19:00 to display a movie on a big screen in order to represent the “second birth of FC St. Pauli.”

It was the time before the Kiezbeben when in the 80s gray-haired patriarchs from the Hamburg economy and politics lead the fortunes of FC St. Pauli, whose image altered for the better.

As reportedly, the Kiezbeben nights exhibition is visible in an area of of ​​600 square meters in the FC St. Pauli Museum. Many of the breakthrough moments in FC St Pauli’s history are represented and displayed. For example, St. Pauli Gate since 1986 the Special One Football Player Volker Ippig was, who lived in the Hafenstraße houses after several months of construction work in Nicaragua, or an Altona dubbed Doc Mabuse suddenly brought a pirate flag in 1987, the first skull on Millerntor.

FC St. Pauli’s success to promote and register the biggest achievement in history

Besides, while politicization of the club came also the sporting success did. FC St. Pauli often played in the third division in front of less than a thousand spectators. That changed in 1988 when the Special One Football Club promoted to appear in the Bundesliga and celebrated with the tenth place in the table the biggest sporting success in the club’s history.

That period is also displayed on the Kiezbeben nights exhibition as well as the old stadium scoreboard, a piece of replica back and the old stadium in miniature version, 40 hours of video footage, the emergence of the Working Group of Interested Members (AGIM), the founding of left-wing fanzines such as Millerntor-Roar or Übersteiger, etc.

From there, the fight against right-wing, racism and fascism in football began in whole Europe as the St.Pauli-Fans against Rechts-Sticker were sold more than 2 million times.  All in all, FC St. Pauli supporters will indulge in nostalgia visiting the Kiezbeben exhibition until the 11th of August.