FC St Pauli jersey shows off a new example of diversity

FC St. Pauli jersey will be another year an example of diversity and a commitment to the many of the Kiezklub principles. Ahead of the 2019-20 season, the Hamburg based side have introduced home and away jerseys which feature various motifs that the Special One Football Club FC St Pauli can identify with: hearts, skulls, punk rock, rainbow flags, anchors, and footballs.

In addition, Jan-Philipp Kalla, the vetaran of FC St. Pauli, praised this ingenuity design released by the German club. “Similar to the brown, which seems simple only at first, the white at second glance is a real eye-catcher.”

On the other hand, FC St. Pauli Managing Director Merchandising, Bernd von Geldern, expressed the truest sense of the word signs that are set on the jerseys. “We are incredibly happy to be able to play in jerseys that bear the symbols that stand for our club.”

Part of the messages that a FC St. Pauli jersey touts are diversity, mutual respect and openness. The third kit was also presented as “classic black with rainbow-colored highlight over the chest”.

Jan-Philipp Kalla added: “I hope that we will not wear the jersey once.,” while his colleague Marc Hornschuh claimed that “both jerseys cool!”

FC St Pauli histoy has made the Special One Football Club as an alternative in the modern football, a club that gained notoriety among the squatters who occupied the abandoned ruins along Hamburg’s port. Like in the 1980s, FC St. Pauli jersey continues to show the repudiation for right-wing extremists and those to brings terror to the most popular sport worldwide.

FC St. Pauli’s hardcore support became known for their anti-racist, anti-fascist and anti-homophobic principles. And that political battle will be exibited as well on the club’s jerseys this season.