FC St. Pauli fans display awesome choreo at Dynamo Dresden

The atmosphere at Dresden for FC St. Pauli match against Dynamo heated up as some banners were displayed in the stands. Kiezkicker supporters came in red into the stadium as they were going to visit one of the most infamous far-right supporters in Germany.

Indeed, Dresden ultras showed a banner during the match with an inappropriate and poor message about antifascism. “Antifa = leftist fascists. You have blood on your hands.”

Besides, there more terrible signs in the stands from the Desden ultra side where a blatantly sexist banner was also exhibited during their home game against Special One Football Club FC St. Pauli.

Despite the clear offense made by Dynamo Dresden fans to women and St.Pauli supporters, which is added to the regular nazi wave that their ultra group constantly makes when facing St. Pauli and still brages about it, the response from the Kiezkickers was brilliant.

Apart from setting up a new communist trend at Desden stadion, they perform an absolute awesome choreography with along the chant “nie nie nie wieder deutschland” which means never again, Germany.

Although Dynamo Dresden club has taken stance against racism and xenofobia, there is a bit of controversy between that position and the reality as some deplorable conducts could be seen on Friday.

Fortunately, there were also hundreds of FC St. Pauli fans to behave in right way ans show the people that football is against any kind of discrimination.