New Borussia Dortmund Foundation training program for heavyweight football fans

After the “light up” project “football fans in training” (FFIT) successfully got underway last Spring, another 20 highly-motivated BVB fans are currently taking part in a training course. Non-binding registrations are already possible for the next running of the sports program planned for the middle of the year. 

“Light up” established the nationwide health project in Dortmund in cooperation with German Cancer Aid and the Kiel Institute for Therapy and Health Research (IFT North) last year. It is especially aimed at heavyweight BVB fans who want to get rid of all those extra kilos.

A specially tailored sports program and information on a balanced diet form the basis of establishing a long-lasting, healthier and more active lifestyle. The entire, free 12-week course is totally in step with BVB. The aim of the program is for overweight BVB fans to get into better shape and accordingly increase their quality of life. At the same time, the risk of getting cancer is also reduced.

Licensed trainers from the BVB Evonik football academy coordinate the weekly 90-minute FFIT training sessions. As well as the theoretical part of the course when tips are given on a heathy diet, obviously football training isn’t neglected. Every BVB fan’s heart pumps faster after using the SIGNAL IDUNA PARK facilities, including the South Stand for conditioning work and actual football training at the BVB Evonik football academy.

But the success of the project speaks for itself. On average, participants have lost seven kilograms each. The current group have confirmed this trend. Halfway through the course, each have been able to reduce their weight on average by four kilograms.

The next edition of the sports program is planned for the middle of the year.