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Chivas Feminil lost “Clásico Tapatío”

The AKRON Stadium gave us 90 minutes of emotions that met the expectations generated by the most attractive match of the eleventh date of the Women’s MX League.

The hostesses were in charge of giving the opening kick; at 7:00 p.m. They started the action, an intense, exciting game, back and forth where the arrivals in both frames were immediate. At 14 minutes Nicole Perez exploded the rostrum, with a strike signed a play by Tania Morales and Rubí Soto, so came the first goal of the Sacred Flock.

The taste of the advantage lasted very little at home, at 19 ‘, Ana Rodriguez matched the numbers on the scoreboard; in front of the goal of Blanca Felix found the rebound of a ball that Alison Gonzalez lost after a foul, Rodriguez did not hesitate, hit him and put the one by one.

With even numbers and emotions at 100, the coin was in the air once again. At minute 24, Alison González, illuminated the midfield with a perfect stroke in favor of Ana García. The “28” of the black and white was profiled to finish at the door and Blanca Felix came out to shrink but could not control the ball, to the rescue it seemed to arrive Maria Sanchez, defense of the Rojiblancas, unfortunately her intervention became an entry in own door.

With a score of two goals for one, Club Atlas won for the second time in a row the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara. La Perla Tapatía was painted red and black.