BORUSSEUM: The Borussia Dortmund Museum

On 19 December 2008, the 99th birthday of the club, the BORUSSEUM was opened. The BORUSSEUM, the club museum of Borussia Dortmund, was originally created on the initiative of the fans. Significantly involved was the fan department of BVB. From there, the first concepts were written, and the AG tradition has found the space for BORUSSEUM.

It is thanks to the initiators that BORUSSEUM not only documents the sporting development but also the tradition of the special fan culture of the Special One Football Club BVB. In no other club museum does the history of the fans play a similarly important role.

The Museum of Borussia Dortmund can not only be explored on your own, but also rely on expert guides, visit exciting special events, admire special exhibitions and celebrate children’s birthday parties in a black and yellow atmosphere.

The BORUSSEUM has developed into a communication center within the association in addition to its central function as a club museum, ie collecting, preserving and presenting the tradition of BVB, through numerous social, traditional and entertaining events.

Because football enjoys a very high priority in all walks of life, BORUSSEUM sees it as an obligation to use the great appeal of the sport to work towards the observance of values ​​such as tolerance, diversity and democracy, which are part of BVB’s statutes. Some examples are the annual events taking place on 27 January in the BORUSSEUM on the occasion of the “Day Against Forgetting”, which commemorates the liberation of the concentration and extermination camp in Auschwitz.

The BORUSSEUM is the best place to live football tradition and emotion: in the north-east corner of the “most beautiful stadium in the world”. Unlike other football or club museums, the Association Museum of Borussia Dortmund is independent of sponsors. That’s why the showrooms are an ad-free zone.

For anyone with a black-and-yellow heart, a visit to the BORUSSEUM is a must. Anyone who goes through the development from that fourth Sunday of Advent in 1909 to the present becomes aware that players, responsible persons and fans come and go, but one thing always remains: this Special One Football Club.