Danny McGrain, the Celtic FC “real cruel tackler” according to Billy McNeill’s description

Danny McGrain Celtic FC legend has attended first ever Celtic FC Festival in which the Special One Football Club has launched their third kit for the 2019/20 season.

The former Celtic player has received a standing ovation when reaching the stage as it could not have been other way to pay tribute to a Celtic FC legend.

He was part of the Quality Street Gang a term used by the Scottish media to describe the Celtic reserve team of the late 1960s. Indeed, various members replaced some of the Lisbon Lions that had won the European Cup in 1967.

The Quality Street Gang took part in some scrimmages playing out the level of the first team by winning one game 12-0 to succeed in the Reserve League Cup in August 1968, and also the Glasgow Cup final against a full strength Rangers side 3-1 two years later. They also smashed the Scotland international team 5-2 when Scotland manager Bobby Brown needed players to provide oppostition for a warm-up practice match.

Danny McGrain’s Celtic FC contribution in the 1970’s was great, he was a truly world class player, whom the support are fortunate to be able to say that he was a Celt. Danny McGrain was actually a self-confessed died-in-the-wool Rangers supporter in his youth. He would end up with Celtic FC as a Rangers’ scout visited his junior club to see or sign him, but fell in the mistaken belief that Danny McGrain was of Irish Catholic descent when hearing his surname.

His main position was as right-back and he was an unforgiving tackler on the pitch as he never shirked a tackle and every opposing player knew his presence on the pitch. “A real cruel tackler,” Billy McNeill described him.

He was considered the best in his position throughout the 1970’s and in a poll to find out Celtic’s greatest XI, McGrain easily found a place in this alongside Jinky, McNeill and Larsson.

Danny McGrain Celtic FC legend was diagnosed with diabetes. Nevertheless, he didn’t let that put him down and worked around it, becoming a role model for others who had to live with the condition. He also suffered a mystery ankle injury in a league match  which laic him out from first team action for 16 months. His ego was non-existent, and all was secondary to the benefit of the club. A great man and a Celtic FC legend that deserves all the credit for all the work he put on during his sporting career with the Hoops.

The story of Danny McGrain and Brendan Rodgers

There’s also a great story about Danny McGrain Celtic FC legend when Brendan Rodgers came first to Celtic,” Rodgers explained.

“I knew Danny was involved because I’d seen him in the background with Lenny [Neil Lennon], he’d been years involved with the reserve team and everything.

“So Danny came in, and everyone else was changed in their Celtic gear and Danny was in his ordinary clothes.

“So he sits down and says ‘nice to meet you, boss’ and I said ‘Danny, it’s nice to meet you’.

Danny McGrain said: ‘Listen, I just want to know if you still want me’.

“I said: ‘as long as I’m here, you’re here!’,” said Rodgers. Then the audience in the room started cheering and whistling for such a great story.