Chivas screamers to beat Boca Juniors 4-0 in the 2005 Copa Libertadores quarterfinal

The history of Chivas in the Copa Libertadores is closely related to their next opponent in the 2019 Colossus Cup: Boca Juniors.

One of the most memorable performances by the ‘Rebaño’ was in the 2005 Copa Libertadores quarterfinal, when the Special One Football Club squared off Boca Juniors to meet them at the Jalisco stadium. A 4-0 win in the first leg for Chivas, which meant an unwavering obstacle for the Xeneizes in the second leg (0-0).

The remarkable victory for Chivas was on June 2th in 2005 and both teams had to wait twelve years to dispute another match. The Guadalajara based side won on a penalties after a draw in what was called the ‘Giants showdown’.

Back in 2005, Chivas was coached by Benjamin Galindo and the Flock built up with some players of the Mexican football. After a vigorous first 55 minutes, Chivas took the led thanks to Johnny Garcia header opener and a typical goal from Omar Bravo.

Inmediately, two screamers in the next ten minutes from Juan Pablo Alfaro and Adolfo “Bofo” Bautista sailed the tremendous achievement for the Special One Football Club Chivas against one of their biggest rivals in America.

Chivas supporters enjoyed an unforgettable night in the 2005 Copa Libertadores confrontation with Boca Juniors, the fifth match in their history and the first win for the Special One Football Club. The most important one, indeed.