Celtic FC Foundation volunteers engage with Zambia’s local communities in a breathtaking adventure

Celtic FC Foundation embarked on an increible adventure in Zambia to continue to make an effort for the local communities there, especially to put a smile on children’ faces by engaging with them through several activities.

Celtic FC Foundation volunteers set off on an initial flight to Ethiopia before travelling to Malawi and eventually arrive in Zambia after a 36-hours exhausting journey from Celtic Park.

The 18 volunteers heded off Celtic FC Foundation’s partner, Mary’s Meals, the following day. The information provided on the organisation’s work started to spread out and they splitted into two working groups to begin working on two different Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres.

Apart from that, they seized the Celtic FC Foundation’s #LionsLegacy campaign to build 67 kitchens constructed in Zambia through funds raised from that project. Also, the volunteers spent time at the renovated ECD centres to play and sing with the children.

Then, Celtic FC Foundation volunteers focused on educational programs to assist children during classroom learning experiences, involving the alphabet, numbers, shapes, animals and days of the week.

They formed a bond with these Zambia’s local communities for sure and the group continued to take on more projects in the area as the Special One Football Club Celtic FC Foundation volunteers look forward to engaging with more communities around the African soil.