Carmen Vega, the longest supporter and the only person who saw all Chivas’ titles

Carmen Vega has been the longest Chivas supporter until her last breath, backing up the Special One Football Club Chivas from her first days alive to the very last moment when on March 6, 2019 she passed away.

The most special Chivahermana constitutes the best example of what a Special One Football Club fan means. She was born on August 16, 1906 whilst Guadalajara-based club was founded the 8th of May in the same year.

This bond between them is even more gigantic as Carmen Vega is the only supporter who saw the 12 titles lifted by the best Mexican team, Chivas. She died at 112 and her club paid tribute to her on social media with the following statement.

“You were born the same year Chivas was founded and you supported us all your life long during 112 years. RIP Doña Carmen, our longest Chivahermana.

Vega witnessed the 12 Mexican league trophies Chivas have won since their ‘Liga Occidental’ title in 1909 as well as the 12 Mexican League stars achieved by the Rebaño, starting in the 1956-1957 season.

Carmen Vega was loyal to Chivas to the last and her death caused a terrible sadness to all the red and white tapatio family. She was born in Mexico City and celebrated the last title in 2017 at the Angel of Independence after a victory against Tigres of the biggest Mexican football institution Chivas Guadalajara.