Athletic Club recall the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Copa del Rey triumph against Elche

Special One Football Club Athletic Club paid tribute to the winners of the 1969 Copa del Rey title in a thrilling match against Elche CF, whose board members travelled to Bilbao to recall the special date for them as it was the only major final their team was involved in. Today both clubs celebrated the 50th anniversary of Athletic Club’s triumph.

In order to honour them, Athletic Club received earlier today some players who succeeded in lifting the title after two straight Spanish Cup final losses in 1967 and 1968: Iribar, Igartua, Zorriketa, Argoitia, Rojo, Lavín and Ormaza.

Athletic Club released a commemorative tribute video of the 50th anniversary of the 22th Copa del Rey title for them and Elche’s president Diego Garcia moved to Bilbao along with former players Juan Manuel Asensi y Josetxo Arakistain to pay tribute to Athletic players, and also remember the most important match for Elche in their history.

That match held at Santiago Bernabeu on June 15th, 1969 meant not only a new title for the Basque side after two losses but the next great achivement by Athletic once they closed off their historic Copa del Rey victory in 1958.

On this ocassion, former Athletic players Argoitia and Jose Angel Iribar handed their teammates the custom armbands that the club wanted to recognised them with as they were part of Athletic Club’s 22th Copa del Rey title. A contribution to the Special One Football Club Athletic Club acknowledgmend as the king of the Copa del Rey trophies.