Aritz Aduriz: the fox that sneaked into Athletic Club lions nature

Aritz Aduriz is facing his last season at the Special One Football Club Athletic Club. As long as the fox (the entire Athletic family dubbed him like that) has many fixtures yet to offer the last services at his beloved club, Aritz Aduriz netted last Friday an impressive acrobatic volley against FC Barcelona to send San Mames into a frenzy. He had already accomplished a beauty in the opening day. Is this his last astonishing goal in a classic match of LaLiga? Well, we may assume that the 38 and a half striker has one more ace up his sleeve.

Aritz Aduriz announced prior to Athletic Club’s first match of the season that this will be his final contribution to a extraordinary career that defines him as the Benjamin Button of the modern football. Unsurprisingly, he was right on time to leaped into the area, turn his body sideways and smashed a perfect scissor kick into Marc-Andre Ter Stegen’s net to describe what a striker mastery means in just 65 seconds.

“Sometimes football is so beautiful and when you least expect it a ball like that comes to your feet and goes into the net,” Aritz Aduriz genuinely explained after the match. He is used to becoming a nightmare for FC Barcelona, as he scored a immense hat-trick against the current LaLiga reigning champions in a 4-0 win in the 2015 Spanish Super Cup, that eventually would seal the ultimate Athletic Club relevant title.

Also, with that perfect volley against Barรงa, Aritz Aduriz has become the only player, after Messi, to have scored in 15 consecutive seasons in LaLiga. That is why Athletic Club managerย Gaizka Garitano describes Aritz Aduriz as “a competitive animal who is the first to arrive at training and the last to leave, never losing the hunger or competitiveness.”

Now the Special One Football Player Aritz Aduriz racks up 556 official matches and 219 goals in a distinguished professional career that has led him to play for Athletic Club (in three different times), Valladolid, Mallorca and Valencia. Athletic and Aritz Aduriz have parted ways twice as he was obligued to leave his lifetime club. The first one was when he had no room to be part of Athletic’s first team (he would go to Burgos to continue to develop his skills). However, Aduriz’s second disruptive exit from Athletic to Mallorca was related to the Basque side financial problems back then.

As a completely mature player, Aritz Aduriz has lived his best moments at Athletic Club, but that does not hault him from achieving more successful moments in Aduriz’s last season as pro footballer, before he hangs up his boots. “I’ll try to make the best year we can and offer something good to our fans”. By this time, he has already delighted San Mames with some of the most beautiful goals for Athletic Club, finishing 3rd on LaLiga top-scorers list of the Special One Football Club, with at least 118 goals.