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Special Ones Football Clubs is a project that aims to implement the special one category for several distinguished clubs that respect football values according to their idiosyncrasy, history, excellence, titles and communities.

Besides, this project develops the connection between special ones football clubs and fans that feel authentic and genuine football values to carry out combined initiatives and share football experiences to become a leader in social transformation through football.

Recognized as Special Ones Football Clubs and Specials Football Fans, these following teams must be known around global football environment as each and every one meet the requirements to become a Special One Football Club.

Athletic Club: Athletic Club was founded in 1898 and is one of three founding members of the Spanish La Liga that have never been relegated from the top division -along with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona- since its inception in 1929. Besides, Athletic Club is not a public limited company as well as other three teams in La Liga so that means the club is still ruled by their members.

Athletic Club have won La Liga on eight occasions, as well as 24 Copa del Rey and 2 Supercups titles. In spite of that, the club is recognized for taking over the protection of some values less and less common in football nowadays.

Athletic’s self-pride reflects on its home-grown players policy, that makes the difference with any other philosophy in the global football. Moreover, this philosophy lays on the principles followed by Athletic Club’s policy that consist in bringing Basque young players through the ranks, as well as recruiting players from other Basque clubs, which includes Biscay, Gipuzkoa, Alava, Navarre, Labourd, Soule and Lower Navarre. Players born in these areas can also play for Athletic Club.

Borussia Dortmund: Borussia Dortmund represents intensity, authenticity, bond and ambition. Is one of the greatest clubs in Germany. Borussia Dortmund have won eight Bundesliga trophies, four DFB-Pokals, five DFL-Supercups, one UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1966 becoming the first German club to win a European title, one UEFA Champions League beating Juventus in the final (3-1) and one Intercontinental Cup in 1997.

Their stadium, Signal Iduna Park (or Westfalenstadion), constitute one of the best atmospheres that European football offers, being the epicentre of their identity. From the spellbinding southern grandstand, well-known as BVB’s ‘Yellow Wall’, fans cheer up their team with coreographies, banners and chaints. It is a spot packed with Borussia Dortmund fans’ hearts that belongs to a limitless loyalty that have accompanied the club since 100 years ago in the good and bad times. Not for nothing, BVB’s motto Echte Liebe means true love. Borussia Dortmund also stands out for their defense against pro nazi movements.

Celtic FC: What can be said about a team that have won 42 Scottish Premier League titles. Besides, a UEFA Champions League is displayed in their glass cabinet apart from getting a great result as a runner-up in another ocassion. But Celtic FC is actually driven by their brand and their fans. It is the team traditionally supported by Irish, Catholics and left-wing people. Celtic’s crest features a four leaf clover the same as Ireland’s Shamrock.

At Celtic Park Ireland flags wave in the stands and Celtic fans are linked with left-wing supporters groups such as the German St. Pauli, the Basque Athletic Club, the Italian Livorno and the British Liverpool FC. In this case the tie between Celtic FC and Liverpool FC is so strong that both teams own the famous ‘You’ll never walk alone’. It is estimated that Celtic FC has 9 millions fans all over the world, being one of the most followed clubs worldwide.

Chivas: C.D. Guadalajara, commonly known as Chivas, was found in 1906. It is dubbed Chivas because of the rivalry with Atlas, in a exchange of nicknames that led to call Guadalajara fans ‘chivas brinconas’. Their fans did not take offence at all, adopting that nickname and calling themselves Chivas.

The team has constantly emphasized home-grown players along with a unique philosophy that exclusively fields Mexican players. Chivas have the honour of being the best Mexican based club with 12 league trophies, 2 Mexican Cups, 7 ‘Camepon de Campeones’ titles (same as Spain’s Supercup) and one CONCACAF. Also, according to Associated Press, Chivas is the second most popular team in the world with 30 million supporters, behind Brazilian Flamengo.

Liverpool FC: Liverpool FC has won more international titles than any other English club: 5 UEFA Champions League, 3 UEFA Europa Leagues, 3 UEFA Supercups. In the domestic league, Liverpool has also won 18 Premier League titles, 7 FA Cups, 8 Football League Cups and 15 Community Shielda, accumulating more than 70 official titles.

However, the most important one is Liverpool’s great fans. Since founded in 1892, Liverpool FC has had a unique relationship with its loyal and devoted fans. The club acknowledges and respects the invaluable contribution made by each supporter to Liverpool’s success and longevity. As a result, their fans are probably defined as the best fans in the world. The Kop, that means mountain in Afrikaans language, is the history of a fan base.

Their members created a community during the 20th century, united to the popular culture and football, and compelled by its working class condition. The ‘You’ll never walk alone is the club’s hymn since de 60s and it is usually performed a capella by Liverpool fans some minutes prior to the kick-off. The remarkable popularity of this song has led to Liverpool FC to display it on its crest.

St. Pauli: Sankt Pauli is a German football club that plays in Regionalliga. FC St. Pauli fans come into the stadium to comply with sportsmanship, human rights, environment, the supporters behaviour and to respect the away team fans. It is the unique team in the world that states in its by-laws that the club is anti-homophobic, anti-fascist and anti-racist.

FC St. Pauli has no titles even though 20 million fans and 500 groups around the world back up this German football club. When the German Football Association commanded to set up a police station in every stadium, FC St. Pauli fans demonstrated it was not necessary there. Another football is possible with Sankt Pauli football club.


Special Ones Football Clubs project intends to spread the word of another football, describing, entertaining and connecting fans who support the Special Ones Football Clubs all over the world through content curation and reflection that entails a charismatic and kind environment for the Special Ones Football Clubs users.

All has not been written in literature and football. Therefore, football’s literature focused on romanticism and the Special One Football Clubs values lead to tell stories also on social media, to become a reference around the football’s environment sharing fans experiences.

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