A historical women´s team armband for the Athletic Club Museum

This morning the four captains of Athletic Club have handed over to the museum the armband that Ainhoa Tirapu wore on 30th January in the quarter-finals of the Cup and in which was broken the European record for attendance in a women’s football match in regular official competition. The 48,121 people who filled up the stands of San Mamés on that memorable day achieved unprecedented worldwide repercussions and gave a historic boost to women’s football, which deserves its own space in the permanent collection of the Athletic Club museum.

The handing over of the armband to the museum was a simple act but loaded with intention as it became official in the same week that International Women’s Day is celebrated. President Aitor Elizegi has given the four captains, Ainhoa Tirapu, Erika Vazquez, Vanessa Gimbert and Garazi Murua, the armband protected in a methacrylate figure to be placed in the showcases reserved for women’s football. It should be noted that this is a unique piece because, from 2019, the Club decided to customise each armband of our first teams by embroidering for each occasion the shield and the match with its corresponding date.

The response of Bizcay’s society that Wednesday at the end of January was formidable and exceeded the best expectations. The request made by the Club to fill up the Cathedral was joined by institutions, the media, educational centres, sports clubs, social groups… and by their hand, a sensitised and enthusiastic crowd. The 48,121 people gathered in San Mamés were united by a double bond that only a Soecial One Football Club like Athletic Club can achieve.

On one hand, to show their commitment to gender equality and women’s football; on the other hand, to encourage our players and who represent Athletic Club on the pitch thanks to a sporting philosophy that embraces a unique identity and sense of belonging.

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