2018-19 season success for Liverpool FC Foundation and the Reds in the community

Liverpool FC’s 2018-19 season has been strength in numbers on the pitch as the Reds came out as European champions for their sixth time in history. However, some of the other victories of the Special One Football club have been made of the pitch, proving Merseyside club’s social responsibility in local communities.

Every year, Liverpool FC’s community work is conducted by the club’s charity, LFC Foundation, and dedicated local community programme, Red Neighbours.

As the Special One Football club reports, LFC Foundation’s mission “is to create life-changing opportunities for children and young people in Merseyside and beyond, and Red Neighbours specifically focuses on making a difference to people living in and around the Anfield area in the L4, L5 and L6 postcodes.”

Moreover, Matt Parish, LFC Foundation director, said: “The 2018-19 season has been one of our best to date, with over 28,000 children and young people taking part in our programmes – which is an 86 per cent increase on the 2017-18 season.

“In addition to our programmes we have continued to forge strong relationships with our partners to extend our reach and impact further.

“A great example of this is through our partnership with IntoUniversity and the University of Liverpool, which has helped over 1,300 disadvantaged young people in North Liverpool to reach their education potential through a dedicated learning centre.”

Forbes Duff, senior manager, Red Neighbours, added: “As a club, we strive to be a good neighbour and support our local community. We have a social responsibility to do so, particularly in Anfield, which has some of the most deprived postcodes in the UK.

“All of our activities and events have been designed in response to local needs such as social isolation, food poverty and promoting healthy living through physical activity.

“Over 19,500 local people attended our activities and events last season, which is up 33 per cent from the previous season. Our work continues to go from strength to strength and we will continue to strive to reach more people in the local community.”

Last season LFC Foundation invested more than £150,000 in their partner organisations. Here you can check some of the numbers of a tremendous season for the Reds off the pitch involving local communities.